Friday, June 30, 2006

A yarn about Family ties with no strings attached.

I was telling someone the other day that the most recent guests at the camp were my sisters, and nieces and nephews, and I told her some of the things that we did and the things that happened. Her response was "you all", I'm sorry let me start over, " Bless your hearts, YA'LL sound like such a close knit family"! And she went on to say how she thought it was just wonderful in this day and age to find families who want to be together and then she added "of course it helps when you live in the same community"!

It took a minute for that to sink in and then I realized that she had NOOOOO idea what our reality is, sooooo, I gave her the short version about “our community”. She was suitably impressed and went on her way, but that got me thinkin'...

Same community, heck, we're lucky to be able to claim the same world right now. Even though we all started out in Colorado, there are only extended family members left there, and at this point in time,

the parents are in Arizona along with a brother and 1400 foster kids
We’re here at the camp in AL.
one sibling is in Philly
one is in Florida,
one is in Germany,
and one is in the foreign country of Kentucky

… and yet, it was important enough to schedule and juggle and drive (sometimes at the same time) (scary, huh?) so that we could grab some precious moments together. Close knit? I think not!! Heck, we’re just hanging on by a thread, but I am EVER so thankful to have been Blessed with a family who tries to stay close in spite of the distances.

Don’tcha Ya’ll ever forget that you have standing reservations here at the CAMP!! The Front Porch is always open.


Susan said...

Ahhhh! Standing reservation carefully folded and put in a safe place. Will most definitely be redeemed at a date to be named later. (Though we'll probably fly this time!)

Jacqueline said...

Word, sista! Flying = better than driving. much better. no! don't make me drive! no! **rolls up in small ball on the floor and rocks back and forth humming tunelessly**