Monday, June 12, 2006


I re-created my entry, so now, even though I'm so tired that I'm drooling on my keyboard, I feel a bit better about my short term memory.

Night, Night!!


Susan said...

Way to go!!!! I'm super impressed that you were able to remember that you had a post to recreate, let alone what you had written so that it was recreate-able! Not so much because I doubt your powers of recall, but I seem to be having difficulty in that area. That area... where was I going with that... ummm... ahem... ahem... Ah, you know, a glass of tea does sound good.

Jacqueline said...

yay Lenka!! But just as a side note, drool is generally not recommended as a good way to treat one's keyboard. Just thought I'd throw that out thar. Tea does sound good! I'll be right over. I miss you!