Monday, June 12, 2006

How to start?... No, really, HOW DO I START?...

First I want to send a great big thanks to "The Mommy" and "The Queen". And just as soon as I figure the whole "Hyperlinks thingy" out, I'll use it and then you've just GOTTA go read them. They're the "Blogging Best"!!

Speaking of "blogging", dontcha just love those "nerbs", (NERBS are words that should be nouns, but become verbs simply by adding "ing"). You know, like Wal*mart-ing.. Honestly, it's used in everyday language here in the South,...

... but I digress.

**warning: expect a LOT of digressing while reading this blog **

Anyway, I wanted to start my blog with something that would really catch the attention and would give you a true sense of who I am and what you'll be reading. Something like a clever little poem or something... something that goes a little like this:

Oh the things that I'll say,
Oh the fat that I'll chew,
now that I've caved in,
and become a blogger too...

And THAT, folks, would be just ONE of the reasons that I'm starting a blog and NOT going to work for Hallmark.

So I wanted to start on my blog at work today.

I know, I know, the millions of dollars spent each year paying employees that are spending their time on-line, rather than being good productive citizens, could be put to better use studying the mating rituals of the fruit fly, but, I'll have you know that I DID my work and am Totally capable of answering phones AND handling insurance problems and questions while at the same time working on my new Blog. However, I am obviously NOT capable of remembering my username or password. I'm sure the Blog gods, or the Powers that Be in my office got a real kick out of that one.

So now I'm sitting here at 9:04 after having located said username and password, trying to start this blog. That's not a big deal except that now that I've gotten started, it's time to go to bed cause I gotta get up at 4:00 in the morning to help get Hubby off to work. ICK!! (about the wake up time, NOT the Hubby). So I'll work on it some more tomorrow.

Final note of the day: As you can tell, it would be futile to expect to ever come away from this blog with any epiphanies, weight loss secrets, or Long Lustrous Hair. More likely you can expect to find yourself signing off, feeling confused, maybe amused, and possibly even abused, but...

I'd love for you to visit again sometime soon anyway!!

Sweet dreams, Ya'll.

(another note to self: call "the mommy" tomorrow and find out how to use the hyperlink thingy and how to put cute stuffs on the homepage)

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