Thursday, July 13, 2006

30? Oh pish posh, Bring It On!!!

WAAAAA... Only Two more years... Again, I say WAAAAA, to all three of you… (and you know who you are) Hell, it'll take that long to finish whatever list you’ve begun and by the time you even have time to look back to see where to start, you'll be 36 going on 37 (too bad that doesn't work well in a song that could be sung with Cpt. Van Trapp... sigh... wipe a tear...) Anyway, your best bet is to totally erase the entire list, give yourself that break right now, quit trying to be perfect,(it's not possible) burp, fart, pick your A... I mean Nose, read a totally un-educational novel, or whatever, and to hell with what people think. Your kids will think you're stupid until they're at least 25 anyway, your husband will never know all the things he should appreciate you for (how could he, there are so many reasons), Goals are wonderful, everybody needs them, (how else would you win a football game?) but don’t put a time limit on them, it’s ok to have goals AFTER 30 too. Good habits are great until you start stressing about being good enough at them, and useless TV gives you a chance to totally empty your mind. Gardening includes bugs, and knitting includes knots. Budgets are for the birds so go buy those shoes right now and enjoy them. Lines on investment portfolio's, lines on your face, lines on your bottom…, well the Bottom Line is this... There are no promises, 30 is only a relative number and will seem like just the beginning if you make it to 98, so burn that list and start living EVERY day like it's your best, yeah, I said BEST, not Last!! Love the people around you, remember from whence your blessings come, and treasure the precious present moment.

The camp Counselor once said that you need to enjoy EVERY sip of coffee 'cause once it's gone the cup gets cold!!! (And ya'll thought I kept him around just cause he's so cute!!)

Whatchya’ll need to do is drop by the front porch for that cup of coffee, and just let 30 “BRING IT ON”!!

... and that's all I got to say 'bout that!!!

30?!! Hmph, what a bunch of whiney babies....

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Susan said...

Just sit really still... it'll all be over soon...

Ahem. Now I've gotta go warm up that damn cup of coffee. And rip my list in half. Again. I'll save the other half for a good laugh down the road as I look at 30 in the rear-view. Oh yeah, I can do that now. Sigh. WHERE'S MY COFFEE?!!