Monday, June 19, 2006

SOLD!!! ...or maybe not!!

I work in sales.
I’m an insurance agent, so I’ve been to EVERY one of the “how to” seminars, the work groups, the motivational speeches, etc. I’ve been told what look for in a potential “sale” and I’ve been told NOT to judge a potential “sale” by their appearance. (the same person gave both pieces of advice which even at the time sounded very contradictory, but anyhow…). And my MOMMA taught me that everyone should be treated nicely, because “you just don’t know their circumstances, now do you?” After all, have you ever had a car salesman NOT tell you the story of the poor looking old man in overalls who came in to buy a car and pulled a wad of 100’s out of his front pocket? No, in SALES, it’s not smart to turn your back on a potential sale…

Saturday, June 17th 2006

The Counselor and I decided that we wanted to go shopping on Saturday. Specifically because I wanted a new pair of sunglasses. My old ones had been used for soccer practice on concrete one too many times. The problem is that I love my old glasses. I’ve had them for almost 10 yrs and I’ve babied them and they have been good to me. But we’ve got this trip planned to California in July, and frankly, I’m tired of trying to see between the pits and scratches. But I won't settle for anything less than what I had. So, we headed to the Decatur, AL. mall to the Sunglass Hut kiosk. We were both dressed pretty casually, in shorts and tennis shoes and t-shirts, after all, it was Saturday, and it was 90 degrees outside, so we didn’t feel the need to dress up. We approached the kiosk and were greeted by a lady who asked if we were having a good day. We were, so far. After exchanging pleasantries, she asked if she could help us. I answered that I was looking for a pair of sunglasses to replace my beloved Maui Jim’s and knew that SunGlass Hut sold Maui’s at one time, do they still? She said sure and pointed us towards the side with the Maui Jim display. Just as I asked to look at a pair, another person walked up to the kiosk and caught her attention. She greeted him as expected, but then… BUT THEN…

Sales note: if I had been behind the counter my thoughts would have gone something like this…

(to myself: Dang, I’m bored. Sure am glad I’m not having to work outside today. Nothing much going on. Need to be sure to pick up some toilet paper on my way home… wait a minute here comes a couple… not too old, but definitely not teeny boppers.This could be a sale!!) “Well Hello, how are you today? Good, I’m fine thank you!! How can I help you today?” "Maui Jim’s?, of course we have Maui’s, they’re top of the line you know? Well of course you’d know that, you obviously have excellent taste because you’re already wearing a pair.” (to myself: and she must be willing to pay waaaay too much for sunglasses, ‘cause she’s already got a pair. this ought to be eeezzy) “I know, isn’t it a tragedy to have something that you love wear out, it’s like tearing your favorite pair of blue jeans, Ha, ha, ha. Well, here are the Maui’s, which pair would you like to try?..."

Then as the other gentleman came to the counter, with his obviously broken glasses, I would have said…

“(to us)excuse me just a minute. (to him)Hello, sir, I’ll be right with you” and then I would have turned right back to “us” and made sure that “we” were getting to look at what “we” wanted and I would have done whatever I could to be sure that “we” had every opportunity to buy something.

Instead, She greeted him as expected, but then… BUT THEN…

She turned to him, without a word to us and before she even got any glasses out for us to look at, and started talking to him. She never even went so far as to say “I’ll be right back with you” After about 2 minutes (2 minutes is a long time in that situation, by the way,) Roger and I looked at each other and without saying another word to her, quietly walked away. I’m not sure she even noticed that we had left. I was totally disgusted. And disappointed, because I reeeeeally wanted a new pair of Maui Jim’s.


Sunday, June 18th 2006

After church and a Joe Muggs original Frappe, we went to the Parkway Place Mall in Huntsville, Al. Visited the Sunglass Hut kiosk there, met a delightful and oh so attentive young lady named Jessica and purchased a waaaay too expensive, but OH SO COOL new pair of Maui Jim sunglasses for me. AND we helped Miss Jessica sell another pair of expensive glasses to a nice gentleman who just needed some positive reinforcement as to how fine those glasses really made him look.

The moral of this story:

Don’t piss me off… I’ve got a BLOG!!!


Susan said...

Wahhhaaahaaahaa!!! Don't ya just love the power that you can feel when you can just smile sweetly, walk away, and think "That's okay, jackass, I'm gonna blog you later!" Sweet, sweet comeupance!!!

But... do we get to see the new shades or what? Come on, gimme pictures!!!!

Jacqueline said...

Ah, the drama that is Shopping for Sunglasses!

haha. I was gonna write more on the sunglass thing, but I just noticed that it says "Camp Whattalottaluvin" and it's making me laugh. you're a nerd!!

and I agree. we need pictures!!

iroha's mom said...

Who am I?
Yeah,you know.
You have CRAZY Sweety Hottest adopted sister.


I'm a single mother until saturday.