Sunday, January 04, 2009


OMG!!! I think, I'm LIKE..., soooo,
JEALOUS of an 8 yr old!!
Whilst sitting in church this morning, another family walked in. As they got to their pew, the littlest girl, no more than 8 yrs old, very carefully pulled her
The NORTH FACE fleece off,
and hung it over the pew in front of her.
Then she placed her COACH purse on the seat beside her.
She settled her bible on her lap, then dug into her purse
and pulled out her PALM PILOT
so that she could take notes (I'm certain) during the service.
Thankfully, I didn't ever hear her cell phone (I'm sure she had one) ring so she must have been considerate enough to turn it off before she came in.
It did make me feel somewhat better when she pulled out the
strawberry scented Hello Kitty pen.
(I have an Office Max TUL pen in my purse.)
(I'm going to refrain from stepping on my soap box, because I fear I'm beginning to sound more and more like my increasingly intelligent mother every day, however I will use one familiar, but ever more understandable phrase:..
What's the world coming to?)

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Jacqueline said...

HA! Welcome to MY world. (the world of being jealous of kids.) It sucks here.