Wednesday, June 11, 2008

sometimes it's the little super absorbant things...

Considering what normally goes with it, I usually grimace and shudder when I look at one,
but today,
A tampon actually made me smile!
I keep a cute little makeup case with hearts on it, under the cabinet at work so that those pesky femine products can be a bit more discreetly stored, but still be at hand when needed. Well, today I unzipped the little case and looked in and just had to smile. There, nestled with the assorted "flavors" of my usual brand, was one with a different wrapper. It was left over from my trip to Arizona and was taken without permission from my sister's stash. Upon revealing my theivery, her immediate response was: "that's what sisters are for"!!
Gosh, I love my sisters.
I think I'll leave it in there forever!!!

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