Wednesday, May 21, 2008


(FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY... i realized yesterday (9/08) that this had not been finished and published when it was supposed to have been. So, I finished it. I thought. Actually, for some reason it published the unfinished draft, sooooo if you saw it between yesterday and today, you've only seen part of it. I wanted to share with any of you who are interested, so I'm going to leave it here for a few days, and then I'll tuck it back into its place in May.)

I just got back from an amazing trip to Tucson, AZ!! It was so much fun despite the fact that the counselor (Roger) stayed at the "camp" with the security guard (Jiro). I truly have a wonderful if somewhat, um, well let's see... yeah, there's just no one word to describe my family, but wonderful, funny, strange, intelligent, eccentric, weird,... wait..., gotta add LOVING & LOYAL... yep, those all work. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by my family, but mostly I just feel Blessed.

I got to watch my "little" brother go through his commissioning/graduation ceremony. I got to visit with Mom & Dad, another little brother, two sisters, their men, a nephew, and tons of other kids. I was also introduced to FISH TACOS for the first time: I have 3 words: MMM, MMM, GOOD!! Thanks lil' bro!! Sometimes I forget how great the hullabub can be with that many people in one place. And though it can be the sourse of a massive headache, the fact is, I miss it sometimes. Along with the noise and activity and general chaos comes the feeling of LIFE. No chance to grow stagnant because there's too much going on. Of course, I was grateful for my little office/room and some privacy, but all in all, it was wonderful!! Here are some pix of people, places and activities. (sorry if you've seen this on the family blog, but I have other people you know!!!)

Some of the PEOPLE


... and other THINGS
(a NOT so extreme, but lots of fun, home makeover - bedroom edition)

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susan said...

I've been meaning to ask Ellen, but you're easier to get in touch with. Where exactly does one get people? ;)