Friday, August 25, 2006

It Finally Happened…

…and I knew it would. Of course, knowing it would happen doesn’t make me feel one bit better about it, but at least now it’s over.

They finally killed the puppy!! You heard me. Yesterday morning on the way in to work there it was, all brown, cute, fluffy and DEAD!! Hit by a car I’m sure. And there sitting beside it in the road ignoring her own probability of danger, was it’s mother, nudging and prodding it with her nose to try and get it to wake up and get out of that dangerous road.

No, I didn’t stop. There was nothing I could do. The puppy was beyond help and I have no idea who the momma dog belonged to, and moving her would have been completely futile. She’d just go back to the tragedy, so I kept going. And Yes, I cried a little and then the further I went, the madder I got, and the madder I got, the more I realized that I’ve just got to get this out of my system…

Soap box puh-lease… (chunk chunk... step up, one, two)

And I’m not talking about the driver of the vehicle either. It’s the OWNERS of that puppy who are to blame here. Where is the sense of responsibility?
I don’t know why people will get a cute fuzzy puppy and then won’t take care of it. Any halfway intelligent person should know that a puppy is going to GROW UP, and that it can’t FEED or WATER ITSELF. It has no concept of BOUNDERIES and will get its much needed EXERCISE by roaming if someone won’t provide for it. And funny thing about animals, they MULTIPLY. It’s just the way nature is.

(Now, let me say that I understand that Accidents DO happen, even in the best of circumstances but, in the vast majority of cases it's total lack of HUMAN responsibility that causes these tragedies)

Why is it OK to just let your dog roam around and be in danger from things that it has no concept of how to deal with? Not to mention the fact that it seems to be ok to let your dog wander onto another person’s property and make messes and aggravate that person’s dogs, and possibly even his family. And then when, through no fault of its own, the dog gets in trouble or does something that it shouldn’t, or goes somewhere it’s not familiar, it’s the dog that usually pays the ultimate price. If it gets in the road it’ll eventually be hit by a car. If it gets into someone’s garbage, it’ll get shot at. If, heaven forbid, it hurts someone, it is likely to be put to sleep. If it gets pregnant, then the puppies, which didn’t ask to be born, are either killed, dropped off somewhere out in the country to starve, or given to yet another irresponsible home and left to fend for themselves in the same vicious circle as the parents.

If a person chooses to take on the responsibility of having a dog, or any pet for that matter, that person should also accept the responsibility to COMPLETELY provide for that animal’s protection, health and happiness.

1. Keep the dog in a decent sized FENCED, (no chains), yard so that it can move freely but still be contained for its own safety.
2. Provide proper nutrition, water & food, on a regular basis
3. Provide an opportunity for ample exercise
4. Provide a regular opportunity for that dog to have some real interaction with its family. They NEED to be loved and needed
5. If you’re not interested in PROPERLY taking on the additional responsibility of having offspring from your dog, get it SPAYED OR NEUTERED.

Otherwise, you don’t need and shouldn’t have a dog!!

You can take my soap box now. (step down, one, two)

Thankfully, by the time I came home, someone had scooped that poor little puppy up off the road so I didn’t have to see it. (literally anyway, it’s still pretty vivid in my mind). And of course its Momma was out again this morning wandering the road…


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Susan said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. My stomach and head hurt at the thought of such irresponsibility.