Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nothing less than al dente will do...

Set-up: I've got a cold and I came home from work early on Monday. When the counselor got off work, he called to see if there was anything that he could pick up for me. I couldn't think of anything exotic, but the thought ran through my head that one should eat chicken noodle soup when one has a cold, so I asked him to stop by the store and and get some noodles. Not just any noodles mind you, I wanted a specific noodle and he knew just what to look for. There is only one store around here that sells these noodles, and even then you're not assured that there will be any on the shelf when you get there, so... Roger went to look for noodles.

This is where the real story starts:

When he got home, I was pleased to see that not only had he found my noodles, but he had several packs of them in his bag. I said, "I hope you got every bag they had!!"

In answer to my statement, Roger gave me this cute little sheepish grin and then said:
"I had every bag of noodles that were on the shelf in my basket, but I put 2 of them back."
When I raised an eyebrow at him, he continued:
"...well, I got to thinking. What if someone else happened to go into the store tonight with the sole intent of getting these specific noodles for someone they loved who was sick, but when they got there, the shelf was bare? I left them some."

After a moment to let the mist in my eyes dry and the swelling of my heart subside, I just gave him a great big hug. Nothing I could have said would have been adequate, but it turned my thoughts to the young women out there who want so desperately to find "that special someone", (sometimes at any cost). I wish that I could tell them this: Never settle for less than a man such as this. If something as un-important as noodles can make him think of the comfort and well being of a complete stranger, how much more loving, caring and protective will he be towards the woman he chooses as his wife? No woman, or any person for that matter, should accept less!

And as I said my prayers that night, I asked God to hold Roger especially tight and keep him safe from all harm. I have been truly blessed to have been given such an amazing treasure.

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