Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm a Sheeple, He's a Sheeple...

... wouldn'tcha like to be a sheeple too?...

According to Wikipedia:
"The implication of the word "sheeple" is that as a collective, people believe whatever they are told, especially if told so by authority figures, without processing it to be sure that it is an accurate representation of the real world around them."

my next vocabulary phrase is:

Impotent Rage: (in my words) the all consuming, seething, red-eyed, vein popping anger towards something that one is completely unable to change or affect in any way.

... so in the spirit of national panic, and corporate greed, and in a high state of impotent rage, I stopped to fill up my gas tank this morning just like all the other hard working, financially strapped people out there who have heard on the news, (therefore it WILL happen, whether or not it's actually justifyable), that due to IKE, our refineries in TX will be shut down for a couple of days. Which WILL result in immediate gas shortages, (translate into PRICE HIKES) that will affect us for probably MONTHS AND MONTHS, (a temporary shortage I would understand. Price hikes, I DON'T) in spite of the fact that those refineries will probably be up and running agian by the first of the week. After all, they were intentionally built ON THE COAST so they HAD to know that there would be at least a SLIGHT chance of maybe a little hurricane or so affecting their operations, so my simple minded guess would be that they were BUILT to withstand such things to a point. (evacuating employees to save human lives, is another thing entirely, and completely understandable. again, a temporary shortage due to plant shut down is understandable) I just hope the million, billion, Katrillion dollars PROFIT that these companies have made in the last few years will pull them through.

Don't exactly know how I'm going to pull through, I don't even know for sure that this particular storm will even actually affect gas prices, but I can't take the chance because .20, .50 or even 1.00 a gallon increase will HURT ME HORRIBLY!! I'm seriously considering quitting my job until oil prices come down, because I can't freaking afford to drive to work anymore. WAIT, oil prices HAVE COME DOWN!!! WAAAYYYY down, and yet, the prices at the pump haven't seemed to reflect that fact NEARLY as quickly as they do the ANTICIPATED storms, and stock market changes, and who might have sneezed sideways in the middle east. (funny how when it's reported, in the morning, that there might be a price increase on gas for whatever stupid reason, WE see it at the pumps by the afternoon in 10 cent increments, but we've been hearing about the price per barrel going down to the lowest it's been in over a year and we've seen maybe a 2 cent decrease over a 3 week stretch. yeah, real funny, sniff sniff)

I'm just hoping that McCain will become president, not because he's my favorite, but right now, he's the best of the worst, and at least he'll have SARAH PALIN behind him to hopefully whisper some common sense stuff in his ear that at least LEANS towards helping the common man out.

Now I guess I'll just plan my weekend and the next few weeks or months around giving up a few MORE of the things that I like to do and keeping my ASS AT HOME so that I can afford to actually drive to work next week so that I can afford to buy some more gas.

(yep, this one's going to get me in trouble)

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