Thursday, August 28, 2008

with love...

Just the other evening, as I watched the clouds above me clear, and the stars began punching their way through the inky black of an endless Alabama sky, I realized that a year has passed since I sat on the front lawn with a dear young friend, watching with amazment as the heavens opened up and graced us with a breathtaking meteor shower. As wonderous as that sight was, I think I enjoyed even more the closeness and love shared with the young woman in the lawn chair next to mine. With her whole life stretched out before as bright and clear as the sky above us, she spoke of past disapointments and heartaches, and hopes and dreams of the future. With all my heart I prayed that she would be blessed with the good things in life. Love, Truth, Hope and Laughter in abundance. Just like the night sky, with each star being a bright spot in her life, and especially, THAT night sky, with not only the stars, but with grand streaks of beautiful lights and shooting stars. It was a beautiful night, and has become a cherished memory. I miss her & hope she finds her way back someday.

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SheBear said...

(((hug))) I hope she does, too!

And I wish I could have an evening like that with you. I could really use one right now! :)