Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The other day I used the ol' "You split and then you choose" line on a couple of kids. It was weird to hear them complain about it:

C - "do we HAVE to share"

Me - "yep"

G - "but he always gets more"

Me - "well I've got a way to make sure that doesn't happen"

C & G - "HOW?"

Me - " C, you split and then G gets to choose which part he wants"

C - "aw, that's lame"

G - "I don't get it."

Me - Well it's simple... and I explained the win - win situation to them.

G - with a big smile "OOOOHHH!"

C- "that's still lame"

What was funny to me is that I HAD to explain the concept. I'll never forget the first time I heard that one. It was over a piece of Dentyne gum, you know those blocky LITTLE pieces, that OF COURSE had to be shared? And OF COURSE, tony had grabbed the little piece out of Mom's hand as she handed it back for us to share. I knew without a doubt that my part would be itsy, bitsy, maybe even so tiny that I'd need to lick the paper to get the flavor of cinnamon, but I also knew that it wasn't worth fussing about because it would just get everyone all upset, when Dad said... "Ok, tony, you divide, and E gets to choose". Only the tiniest sliver of a nano-second passed when I heard the heavens open up and "WAAAA" I KNEW this was the greatest resolution to an age old dilema since Soloman threatened to split the baby!! And FINALLY it was the ONLY way that tony wouldn't win. No, it didn't have to be explained to me and I've never forgotten it and have used it many many times since. I will say, if memory serves, it took a LONG time and carefull engineering and mathmatics to rightly divide that piece of gum, but it was FINE WITH ME.

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