Friday, October 05, 2007

Steven is SAFE

... BEEEEEE-CAUSE, after the 35th or so "take"
of a 5 line scene,
I have decided NOT
to throw my hat into the ring
for the "Spielberg heir" elections.
This movie making stuff is not as easy as one might think.
On the other hand, we DID get 58 seconds of
really great footage.
Yeay, US!!
Coming soon...


susan said...

Atta girl -- and by that I mean way to stay at it. 58 seconds down, only 63 trillion more to go, right? See, I can Pollyanna up anything.

Jacqueline said...

ye-ah. I think even Pollyanna would raise a skeptical eyebrow at that statement. But that being said....Lenka: take a deep breath and I'll be there in about 6 days and you can yell and scream all your frustrations at me and no hard feelings.