Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hostess with the LEASTEST

Thankfully, our meal was very good, our server was very attentive and efficient and willing to make the few adjustments that we asked for. And in the end everything wound up being fine.
The hostess on duty, (06-19-07 @ 12:00pm) was extremely cold, most unfriendly and was an outwardly unhappy person. Definately NOT hostess or greeter material. I very much hope that something drastic had not just happened in her life because if so, she should have been at home dealing with that situaion instead of being the "first impression" for Ruby Tuesday. Seriously, we tried to give the benefit of the doubt, (maybe she was having a bad day, or her cat was sick, or something) but the longer we sat there and watched her roll her eyes at every request made by other customers, and noticed that she never once smiled, or acted as though she remembered that we diners were the ones providing her income, the more we felt that the situation needed to be addressed. I work with the public every day and I was taught that no matter how I feel, my customer should NEVER know it. Instead, the customer should feel welcome, and important, no matter the situation!!

Just thought you should know!!!

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