Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Casting Stones, Casting Votes, Casting Pearls before swine... what's the difference?

...but I did it anyway!!!

I can honestly say that I have very little idea of WHAT I voted for, or even WHO I voted for. I tried, HONESTLY, I tried to sift through the trash talk and the dirty politics and the mud slinging. Even endured two candidates using CANCER as a political power play. It's total limbo in more ways than one. Not only do the voters just get hung out there with no sure direction to take and no real place to go to, but the candidate's theme song seems to be "how low can you go?"

...but I did it anyway!!!

I think that throughout this whole campaining/election/voting process, I came away with only two real pearls of wisdom and they are:

1. Voting is like picking your favorite mosquito out of the swarm
2. If voting REALLY worked, the government would have made it illegal a long time ago.

...but I did it anyway!!!

I decided that if nothing else, I needed to step up and exercise my civic duty. I considered it a way of "preserving my right to gripe"!! I did it anyway, and I all in all, I feel pretty good about having done it.

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